Orchard Towers is an 18 storey commercial building in Singapore. It has been one of the highest building/towers for commercial as well as residential zone in Singapore. It is located at the corner of Claymore road and Orchard road. Completed in 1975, its first 5 floors being used for commercial purpose of getting it leased for offices and private stores. It has a good mix of bars and retail outlets till 5th floor. It was later known as the best complex building with residential stages.

It has a facility of 58 freehold condominium residential units. It is therefore best known as landmark for entertainment and fun with its big residential space to live in.

The tower has various bars located at different floors within the shopping mall. The most famous is the Jason’s Supermarket, located at the basement. The tower has a number common ATM machines from DBS, POSB and ANZ. Convenience store such as 7-11 can also be found in and nearby the towers.

Reputable schools such as Raffles Girls Secondary School and Axa University (Asia Pacific Campus) are located not very far away from the plaza. Not forgetting the nearest medical centre and hospitals are also located few kilometres away from the plaza such as the Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Paragon Medical Centre.

In 2007, a sale committee was elected to measure the overall sales of the property, as stated by media coverage.

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