From assault to murder charge

Two youths, Abdullah Syaafii Radin Badruddin and Muhammad Daniel Abdul Jalil, both aged 22, face murder charges after the prosecution upgraded its case following the death of duo’s victim Mr. Navarro Dorian Regis.

The two were earlier in May charged with voluntarily causing grievous harm after they allegedly assaulted the late Mr. Regis at the exterior area of Orchard Towers on the 1st of April at about 0600 hours.


Another victim

Mr. Daniel, who faces a separate charge of voluntarily causing grievous harm to also Mr. Goudal Pierre-Eric Jules during the scuffle, is reported to have punched the late Mr. Regis in the face to unconsciousness. The latter succumbed to the head injuries he sustained.

Mr. Daniel’s second victim, Mr. Jules, sustained a nose fracture.

Both Daniel and Radin will stay in remand without the option of bail at the Central Police Division the investigators further dig into the matter.

The two are looking to a life incarceration with caning or even face the hangman if found guilty of the murder charge. In his second case, Daniel may be fined and up to 10 years with caning for assaulting Mr. Jules


Blackmail for sex

A Bangladeshi man has got a lenient sentence after admitting blackmailing his ex-lover, a married Singaporean woman, between the 27th of March and 4th April.

The man and the woman, both who we can’t name because of the gag order, ended their relationship in 2014 after dating for seven years. However, in 2015 the man wanted to rekindle their old flame.

After failing to convince her to his nest, the man resorted to blackmail. He told her that he have kept multiple videos of them having sex and threatened to share them with her friends, neighbours, and family who he claimed he already had their contacts.

The 38-year-old woman’s attempt to have him delete the videos proved futile, and not even the Jan 28th sex with him could convince him otherwise. Instead, he filmed the escapade without her knowledge to advance his agenda further.

When the lady decided that enough was enough and decided to ignore him, he decided to send threatening messages to her on the and on 6th April, he sent the video clip to her husband and daughter.

How insensitive this man was, he got a lenient sentence. Such charges, which fall under criminal intimidation, face up to two years and fine.

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