Men are sexually harassed at Orchard Towers

Men are sexually harassed at Orchard Towers

“Is my man safe from sexual predators at Orchard Towers?”

This question might be ringing in every Singaporean woman’s head after Shin Min Daily News reported of scantily dressed female beauty shops workers harassing male visitors at the mall. The news is a rather twist of events as it is normally the women who file sexual harassment cases, and particularly those who work in male-dominant environments.

The paper reports that the women who work at saloon and spars in the building coerce men into getting into these shops by holding them inappropriately.

Ms. Tan, a 29-year-old woman, interviewed by the Chinese Newspaper, revealed that her male friends felled victims to the women, who she described as scantily dressed. The lady explains that last week she and her boyfriend, together with five other friends, were going to take dinner at a restaurant at the mall when they had their encounter with the women.

Tan and her girlfriends then went to the washrooms just as they had reached the mall while their male counterparts went ahead to reserve seats. But as the ladies came back, they saw Tan’s boyfriend and another male friend curdled by a woman who works at the beauty parlour opposite the restaurant.

The beauty specialist, who wore heavy make-up and had a miniskirt with a low-cut top, left the guys immediately after she saw the ladies approach. Tan said the woman was luring the men to have a massage.

While Ms. Tan thought then that this was just an isolated case of indecency, she and her friends would later discover that it was the norm for the spars and saloons in Orchard Towers. Virtually all the shops had women beleaguer prospective male clients to use their services. Ms. Tan is not the only one bothered by this trend. The men who work at the mall find these beauty specialists exasperating.

Some men have already lodged filed complaint against these women, who one of the readers of Sin Min Daily said sometimes wear bikinis just to attract people. If that is not sexual harassment, then what is? But when asked why the police haven’t taken action, the reader said the women are well informed and go into hiding immediately they learn of scheduled checks.

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