Ceramic Braces: Cost, Benefits & More

A smile is worth a thousand words” – If you have heard this phrase before, you know what we are talking about, but braces often hide that thousand-words worth smile behind metal mires and cages. Indeed, the idea of braces brings more pain than relief, but not every braces treatment invokes the same feelings. A good orthodontist in Singapore will often advice you to go for ceramic braces instead of the metallic ones or even Invisalign, if you are committed to straightening your crooked teeth as soon as possible.

What are ceramic braces and why choose them?

Nothing is more comforting than to smile freely, i.e. without hesitation, and ceramic braces can offer this. Ceramic braces are a popular option as opposed to the traditional metal cages (metal braces), or even Invisalign for that matter. You might have some questions over the comparison of the 2ndalternative, but it is true.

Ceramic braces, first introduced in the 1980s and went by the name of ‘clear braces’, were widely applauded for being less noticeable because of the brackets. The brackets in ceramic braces are made up of plastic or ceramic material that holds the teeth in place to align them. Since they are almost as effective as metal braces, they are preferred due to its aesthetic features. Yes, you must have noticed the underlined word, but that was intentional to inform you that the strength of metal braces is more, and hence are still the best option for dental alignment.

When compared to Invisalign, the treatment is indeed similar, but not the same. This is because both the treatments are not identical when it comes to visibility. Invisalign are a set of more discreet, removable aligners while ceramic braces still have a metal arch wire running across the teeth, even though the brackets are clearly less visible. This is one of the reasons a good orthodontist in Singapore will recommend ceramic braces over Invisalign, since Invisalign is not always the right Ortho treatment. For example, it is not as powerful as metal or ceramic for jaw alignment issues. Two other reasons why ceramic braces may be preferred over Invisalign treatment is because they are irremovable (treatment continues unlike Invisalign where the process breaks when you take the aligners out during food and snacking) and cost less.

The Cost of Ceramic Braces

Singapore ceramic braces cost between $4500 and $7500, but this price range can greatly vary. While metal braces may cost almost as ceramic braces, but Invisalign may take the price up to $11,000. Invisalign treatment is advised, based on a dentist’s consultation and the assessment of the guys over at Invisalign. One other factor that plays an important part in driving up the price is the quality of the treatment offered.

Now, we know that metal braces are not an option for the majority because of the social embarrassment and distress they bring along, which is why ceramic braces are a preferred options. Singapore ceramic braces costfalls in the middle range of the two extremes, i.e. metal braces and Invisalign treatment, and produce better results. Hence, after you have done your homework, a visit to your dentist will give you more clarity over the treatment, and the flexible payment plans that come along with it.

The Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces are less likely to cut gums.
  • They do not irritate sensitive oral tissues when compared to metal braces.
  • They are non-porous, and resistant to stains
  • They match the color of your permanent teeth, hence they are less noticeable.
  • They are hard to chip, break or crack, and so are more durable.

Do not spare more time analyzing the options yourself… Visit a good orthodontist in Singapore and start your treatment today!


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